Postpartum Depression and Suicidal Thoughts: Céline’s Testimonial

Postpartum depression following the birth of her newborn baby was one of the factors that led Céline to think about suicide. Today, she is doing better and no longer doubts that she is the right mother for her child.

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My name is Céline. I am the proud and happy mom of an almost two year old child. I’m happy now but it wasn’t always the case.

A few months after my child birth, I think he was about four months old, I started experiencing symptoms of a very severe post-partum depression and very high anxiety. I was sad all the time, I would cry hours every day and I was terrified by everything. When I started hitting myself in the face and having very scary thoughts, and even starting believing that my son would be better off without me, this is when I decided that I should get help. 

I called an emergency line from Centre de crise and I got help from a social worker there. And I also started therapy with a psychologist from the CLSC. As soon as I got help, I started to feel better. It took time, it was a very slow progression, but sadness and anxiety were not overshadowing everything anymore and they slowly started to decrease. And as I became less anxious it gave more space and room for other emotions and other feelings. And finally joy could come in. 

I think now, I can hardly believe how depressed I was and how sad I was, when I feel so strong and happy and very solid as a mom and I feel within myself, How good as a mom I am and that I’m the best mom for my child.  And I’m very happy I decided to stick around. 

- Céline

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Learning about postpartum depression and suicide can help you find resources or ways to get better.

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