I'm Grieving a Loss by Suicide

Losing a loved one to suicide can be a difficult and deeply troubling experience. Whether you’ve just learned about a loved one’s death or some time has passed since your loss, it’s normal to ask yourself questions and seek support.

Pointers to help you

We’re here to support those who have lost loved ones to suicide. Here are some pointers to help you navigate this challenging situation:

Learning about a death by suicide

Learning that someone you know has died by suicide can trigger all kinds of reactions and questions. It can also leave you feeling overwhelmed by everything you need to do. Access to practical information can help you manage the situation.

Understanding suicide grief

Understanding more about what you’re going through can be helpful in difficult times. One way of gaining insight is to learn about suicide grief.

When to seek professional help

Suicide grief can sometimes lead to psychological distress, suicidal thoughts, and mental health problems. Certain signs may indicate the need to consult a health care professional.

Talking about it with family and friends

It’s not always easy to talk about suicide grief. You may be afraid of how others will react, or wonder who to confide in. There are various ways to broach the topic, and a range of people you can talk to.

Resuming your life after grieving a death by suicide

There are many things you can do to get your life back on track after grieving a death by suicide. It’s important to identify what helps and go at your own pace.

Suicide grief and children

Telling your child about a death by suicide and supporting them through the grieving process can be challenging. Guidance is available about what to say and how to help.