I’m Worried about Someone with Suicidal Thoughts

It’s normal to wonder what you can do to help when someone you know is going through a difficult period, saying worrisome things, or exhibiting troubling behaviour.

Tools to help you

We’re here to provide support and tools to people worried about their loved ones. Here’s some information that may help.

01 Recognizing signs of distress

A number of signs may indicate that a loved one is in distress or thinking about suicide. Recognizing them can help you act quickly to prevent the situation from deteriorating.

02 Talking about suicide with someone

Talking about suicide with someone you’re worried about isn’t always easy. There are different ways to start the conversation and ask if they’re thinking about suicide.

03 Supporting someone in difficulty

It’s important to seek professional assistance when helping someone with suicidal thoughts. The key thing is to know which resources to turn to for support and how to reach them.

04 Helping someone recover

There are a number of things you can do to help someone with suicidal thoughts feel better and recover the will to live.

05 Respecting your limits and taking care of yourself

Helping someone with suicidal thoughts can be draining. That’s why it’s so important to respect your limits. Doing so will help you maintain balance so you can continue providing support.