Loneliness and Suicidal Thoughts: Mickaël’s Testimonial

Loneliness and isolation were among the factors that led Mickaël to experience deep distress. Opening up to others and asking for help helped him a lot. Today, he is doing better. 

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My name is Mickaël and I work in a job that’s very public. It’s part of my job to talk to hundreds of people and I know a lot of people. But despite all that, I’ve had long periods of loneliness in my life. Part of it is because I’m a really independent person.

In my life I’ve learned to figure things out on my own, so I’ve always believed I could overcome every problem, I could always sort things out and get through stuff on my own, with my own ingenuity, my own ideas, even, maybe, with a certain fearlessness.

But I’ve still hit a wall at times in my life. There were times when I thought I’d never get through and I was all alone and I didn’t know who to turn to.

I called a friend to talk. She listened to me and helped me think things through. She asked me questions, sometimes she questioned my assumptions, sometimes she gave me advice, and sometimes she just listened. And that changed everything. It planted seeds that grew into much more, and gradually I started to believe that I really could have a future, maybe I could even be happy. Just that was already a huge change, it opened doors, it opened a new perspective or outlook I didn’t see before.

Sometimes figuring things out on your own means asking for help from somebody else.

- Mickaël

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Learning about loneliness, isolation and suicide can help you find resources or ways to get better.

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