Burnout and Suicidal Thoughts: Annik’s Testimonial

Burnout was one of the factors that led Annik to think about suicide. She received professional help and is doing better today.

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My name is Annik and, like a lot of people that we all know, I had a burnout a few years ago because I think my life as a whole was overwhelming.

I think I tried to do so many things at a time in my life where I was a mom, I was an entrepreneur, I was a teacher, I took care of my mother in law, of my relationship, of my friends.

And I think I just wanted to live life so much that I overdid it. I forgot to take care of myself and take care of my own needs, and see myself and see my energy. At one point, just like a reset button kind of, I woke up one day feeling completely out of it and not being able to do those things anymore.

I was so taken by surprise because I had so much energy. I was always the positive person, the person that likes to have new projects and do new things and then I just wasn’t able to do it.

Physically, mentally, everything was challenging. And at that point, I had a friend one morning at work that just told me: “Are you ok?” And I said: “No, I don’t think I am. I had dark thoughts all night, I didn’t sleep.” And she said: “You know, this is serious, you should do something about it.” We were in between working, it was like a break so we didn’t have time to talk, but just that sentence turn things around for me.

I went to seek help. I went into therapy. I went to see my doctor. I took medication for my depression, for my anxiety. And slowly but surely, I began to feel better, to take better care of myself, to really see life differently and to get out of it slowly and feeling better.

What I found wonderful about all the work that I did on myself is that, yes, I feel myself again and I feel even better, even improved, because I know my limits now.

- Annik

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