Bipolar Disorder and Suicidal Thoughts: Joëlle’s Testimonial

Several periods of severe depression related to bipolar disorder were among the factors that led Joëlle to think about suicide. With the help of professionals and medication, and thanks to the listening and support of those around her, she is doing better today.

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My name is Joëlle. I have bipolar disorder. When I found out that I had it was quite traumatizing for me. It was a big shock to know that the rest of my life might be a painting of depression and hypomanic episodes. 

I became really suicidal quite quickly into my first depression, actually. It took me a long time to figure out what was helpful for me. I had to try a lot of things and meet a lot of different therapists. 

I found out that CBT with mindfulness, which is very much like feeling the present moment, feeling your body, was actually the most helpful thing for me. Creating a really boring routine was really helpful—Like getting up every day at the same hour, eating breakfast, having a nap if I need to, just having a lot of sleep—is actually a key for my health and for most people with mental health issues. Friends and family being there, opening up to them, educating them on how I want them to be there for me really, really helps me. 

I’m still in recovery. I mean I’m great, but I’m still recovering from the trauma and everything I’ve been through. You know, it makes you really strong. And then you can just better help other people going through difficult times, I think. 

- Joëlle

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