Anxiety and Suicidal Thoughts: Andréanne’s Testimonial

Generalized anxiety is one of the factors that led Andréanne to think about suicide. She sought help from a psychological service and today she is doing better.

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Basically, having an anxiety disorder with panic attacks makes you a huge ball of anxiety and stress and everything is kind of hard to get used to.

Just to do daily tasks in a social environment, going to school, going to work, you always have these intrusive thoughts going in your mind and making everything harder to do.

And sometimes you have these panic attacks that you get overwhelmed with every sensations and everything seems overwhelming and too much, like you cannot continue focusing on the world around you and just stuck with this huge feeling like your throat is gonna close and you’re not gonna be able to breathe and function at all.

For several years, I felt like was numb inside, like what I used to do, my hobbies, didn’t bring me any joy anymore. I was only stressing and struggling to live and go to school, go to work, have social relationships and I felt like I’d be suck like this all my life and I was thinking is life worth living if I’m just struggling to live and just see another day.

At some point I decided, well it’s too much, I need to regain control of my own life by my own means, and I decided to go see a therapist at school. When I saw the therapist, when she brought up having anxiety with panic attacks, it kind of clicked in my brain. Like “Oh, well the misplaced cog in my brain, it’s actually just this and there’s a way to fix that.” That was definitely very great to hear that I could live with that and not feel like I was useless human being.

And now, almost five years after this, I can now tell my doctor that: “Hey, I can actually face challenges in the daily life and it doesn’t affect me that much, and I know how to handle my anxiety and all the tricks that I learned from.” I’m very glad I went and did my first consultation with a therapist.

- Andréanne

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