Addiction and Suicidal Thoughts: Béatrice’s Testimonial

Béatrice’s addiction problems were among the factors that led her to have suicidal thoughts. Today, she is doing better and has stopped using.

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I’ve lived a pretty difficult life before I make changes to have a healthier life. I had so much despair, I was depressed all the time, I wanted to die. It wasn’t a great time for me or the whole family. 

Before our divorce, I decided to get sober. After ten years of trying to quit alcohol, finally I made the decision to quit for real. That forced me to observe myself and really dig deep into my heart and into my emotions and look for answers as to why I was so angry as a person. 

Thankfully, through therapy and a lot of counselling I started healing. Eventually through healing, all that suffering loses its power over us. Life is still not easy all the time, but it’s definitely brighter. 

But we must decide: Am I just gonna stay angry, am I just gonna blame my past for who I am today, or am I going to take charge of my life and seek healing and take responsibility for myself and chose where I’m going to take my life.

- Béatrice

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