Borderline Personality Disorder and Suicidal Thoughts: Alexandra’s Testimonial

Borderline personality disorder was one of the factors that led Alexandra to think about suicide. She had the support of her family and the help of a psychiatrist and today she is doing better. 

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I have borderline personality disorder, which means that I have a constant feeling of emptiness inside.

In 2009, I decided to end it all. But I was lucky to have my family, and my doctor helped me see a psychiatrist. It wasn’t easy. But to be honest, I’m really glad I got through it.

To you watching this video, I can tell you there will always be clouds and storms. Life goes in cycles. I swear it will pass. You’re unique and extraordinary. Thank you for being here.

- Alexandra

Do you have a borderline personality disorder or suicidal thoughts?

Learning about borderline personality disorder and suicide can help you find resources or ways to get better.

If you are thinking about suicide, remember that you can reach a counsellor at any time by:

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