Taking Action

Here is an overview of the tools we offer to help you take action.

Taking action to feel better

Taking action can give you energy, help make you feel better, and leave less room for negative thoughts.

The Getting better my way and My daily challenge tools can help.

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Taking action


Getting better my way:

identifying activities that make you feel better

The Getting better my way tool can help you identify what you’re already doing to feel better and set aside time for actions and activities that make you feel better.

A set of examples is provided to help you get inspired. It was created by people who have been through mental health struggles of their own and features things they did to feel better. 

My daily challenge:

reaching your goals, one step at a time

My daily challenge helps you set a realistic goal each day. Accomplishing small things on a daily basis will help you feel better and provide a sense of satisfaction and pride.