Here is an overview of the journal features.

Getting to know yourself

Taking daily notes on what makes you feel better and what you find difficult can help you recognize the warning signs of distress and suicidal thoughts, develop strategies for coping with stress, and identify actions and activities that make you feel better. 


The journal can help you record and store this information.

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Understanding your moods better

The journal allows you to use pictograms and a list of emotions to record how you feel and why at any time. It can help you gain insight into what makes you feel better and what triggers suicidal thoughts.

Recapping your day

The journal also helps you look back at your day and take stock of how it went. In addition, you can go a step further and note actions and activities that made you feel better, a good deed that made you feel proud, or an event you found difficult. All this information is saved so you can monitor your situation on a day-to-day basis.