Calming Down

Here is an overview of the tools we offer to help you calm down.

Regaining control in difficult times

Distress and suicidal thoughts usually arise during periods of stress. 

The My warning signsMy coping strategies tools, and the breathing exercises we propose can help you identify such situations and get your emotions back under control in difficult times.

Calm down

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My warning signs:

recognizing signs of distress

My warning signs can help you identify signs that your mental health is deteriorating (e.g., emotions, thoughts, behaviours, and stressful situations).

Learning to recognize these signs can help you act quickly in difficult periods and prevent stress from turning into distress or suicidal thoughts.

My coping strategies:

a tool to cope with stress

My coping strategies uses examples to help you identify things you can do to regain control and feel better in difficult times. You can record the strategies that work for you and refer back to them when dealing with stressful situations.

Breathing exercises

Whether it’s to relax or get energized, our breathing exercises can help you reduce stress in difficult times.